How will you come to know that which WordPress design is best to use? What is the characteristic or feature that you should consider when scrutinizing the option for WordPress theme?

1.    Web hosting, performance, and speed

The WordPress designs have to ensure fast and rapid page loading. The design is not the only element which is responsible for speed, but it will play an essential role in it. Your site design should be well optimized and clean.

2.    SEO-Friendliness

Along with performance and speed, it is also essential to have the design that is SEO friendly. SEO is about good content and keyword targeting but a blog theme also maters. Your theme must be well coded so that it is easy for a web crawler to go above it.

3.    Mobile friendliness

Do you know mobile users have suppressed desktop users? It is clear that your design or theme should be compatible with all mobile devices. The solution for this is adopting the blog that has responsive website design if you have responsive web version you do not need the separate mobile version.

4.    Browser compatibility

Another significant element is the compatibility of design with all popular search engines.  It is not compulsory that who access your site has the same browser. The browser has a difference in how they deliver different blog or website.

5.    Distinctive but instinctive appearance

When creating a WordPress website design, choosing a theme is very important because it is mainly about creating a specific appeal and look. While picking a design, you should be specific about it that the theme must be distinguished.

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